Find A Teddy Bear helps parents and kids find Teddy Bears and exploration routes. Zoom in on your neighborhood and see all the places where bears exist. Happy searching! Please note: Obey neighborhood speed limits and stay alert! As the weather gets nice, many kids are outside.

Want to help kids find bears? Put a bear in your window and add your address! The more bears, the more fun! If you'd rather see a list view, click here

Add A Bear: Make Someone Smile

Add A Bear

Add a bear to the already 526 existing bears by filling out our simple form. Once the bear is added to the list, you can come back and see it on the map.

Don't Have A Bear? Don't Worry!

Print A Bear

If you do not have a teddy bear readily available, print this downloadable.PDF and tape it to a window or door. He may not stuffed, but that does not mean he does not count!


Until May 4th or however long COVID-19 goes, and we are social distancing, we will keep this website up and maintained!


A few Chelmsford, MA Residents, had posted on Facebook about wanting to do the bear hunt, so I built a site.


Either add a bear to the list or use the map above to drive around and see the bears in your neighborhood.